Hi everyone! Im from Australia and this is a blog that revolves around Etsy and its community. I post art, vintage items, handmade items and clothing as well as cute decor and accessories that are either vintage or handmade by shops from etsy. I myself have an Etsy blog (link below) and I'm working on getting my own art work up onto it! Hopefully that will be soon :-)

If you have an etsy account and sell products feel free to send e a message and i will promote your items!

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Amputee Sticker // $2.50
vintage spring jacket // $45
Modern iPhone 5 Case // $36
vintage white and gold alarm clock // $28
vintage floor runner // $895
Mesh Panties // $34
Bill Jacket // $55
80s Vintage Windbreaker // $45
Two Tiered Coffee Table // $199
60s  Arm Shell Chair // $225